5 Signs That You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar!

We all adore eating sugar and sugary things, even though we know that it is harmful for the health, and that is simply unfair.

Sugar has a very sweet and very addicting taste, but on the other hand, if you consume it too much, it can be bad for you and your overall health.

We are going to tell you 5 signs your body gives you when you are consuming too much sugar. If you are experiencing some of these signs on a consistent basis, you need to stop consuming sugar as soon as possible.

1. Feeling of tiredness and lack of energy

When you consume a lot of sugar, you may lack energy and constantly feel tired. Sugar fills us immediately with energy, but that is just temporary, and later the energy goes down and you feel tired.

2. Frequent flu and colds

The immune system also becomes weaker due to consuming too much sugar and it leads to chronic diseases, frequent flu, viruses and colds.

3. Cravings for sugar/carbs

If you are constantly feeling cravings for sugar, then you are addicted to sugar. It can cause a chain reaction of sugar cravings if you consume it too much.

4. Foggy brain, especially after a meal

The most common symptom for low blood sugar is foggy brain. When we eat food rich in sugar, it increases the level of blood sugar very fast and then it drops very sudden. This variation of blood sugar can increase the risk of cognitive problems and impairment.

5. Weight gain

Sugar does not contain protein and fiber and because of that it cannot make you feel full, and the more sugar you eat-the more calories you get. Sugar makes the body to release insulin, which is needed to transport the sugar to the organs in order to produce energy.

So if you consume too much sugar, it tells the body to release more insulin and this can result with insulin resistance. So, then the body does not respond to normal levels of insulin and does not transport the sugar as it should.